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About It’s Stunning Here  

I created It's Stunning Here as a community for those who want to share the beauty of this planet. To inspire everyone to have the confidence to step outside and simply roam. 

Whether you are a seasoned traveller or have never ventured far, I would love to have you along on this journey of discovery. 


There is so much beauty on this planet of ours and there are so many possibilities. From backpacking, to total luxury and so much in between. This world of ours is so amazing, come, travel and explore with me. 

Let us set out for distant skies, go off the beaten path, share special moments with new friends along the way and live a life well travelled.  


Imagine surrounding yourself with soaring mountains, midnight blue oceans and burning red deserts.  


To feel cool salty air on your face in the Basque country or the crazy assault on your senses as you saunter along the streets of Marrakech. 

See the sun kissed laneways of Lisboa and the stunning silhouettes of ancient pagodas in Myanmar.  

Hear glorious gospel sounds in the heart of Africa and feel the pulsating beat of the drums on the streets of Havana. 


Have the world take your breath away with its beauty.  


About Me 

As a girl who was born to wander around this amazing world of ours, I ‘m constantly dreaming of my next adventure.  I love to travel because all you really need is passion and a passport. 

You can hike or surf, daydream, chase sunrises and sunsets and wander the world with serious wanderlust. 

To me, travel is the strange coincidences, the curious synchronicity and the magic you feel along the way 


It’s those moments where you hold your breath and just go for it. 


Travel has given me some of the most unforgettable experiences and magical memories of my life.  

Most of all, I live and breathe travel. Join me on my journey ‘cos It’s Stunning Here.